Sleeping – A question of patience?

Am I tired?  Yes.
Do I have enormous bags under my eyes?  Yes.
Did I have a late night including alcohol, fast food, etc?  If only. *hollow laughter*

I have a question, when do children become normal sleepers?  You know, that thing I remember from my childhood, er.. what was it called, oh yes, a full nights sleep!?

I know, from experience, that the later teenage years is a sleep driven existance, particularly during the day, but I can’t remember the last time I had a full nights sleep, let alone one of those treats, called a ‘lay in’.

I know Sophie is still young, only just turned two, but she recently started to carve a proper sleep pattern and all was happy with the world.  But then, all of a sudden, waking in the night and waking up stupidly early.  Before you say it, yes, I know this is part of being what is known as a ‘parent’, but I am not a morning person.  Really I’m not.  And if there is anything I can learn about how to selfishly grab back those late morning wake ups, then I am fully open to suggestions.

It has been mentioned that maybe she is having another growth spurt (possibly, but if she has anymore, I’ll be sending her down the shops to buy me a beer), maybe has more teeth coming through (fair point, just waiting for when she asks for steak for her dinner) or she is just an unsettled sleeper (god, I hope not).  I can’t wait until we try and get her into a proper bed, she’s still in her cot at the moment.  She’s never going to go asleep properly, I’ll end up finding her in the wardrobe, upside down in a toy box!

I suppose it’s just a question of time, and having to just sit it out.  Hang on, I’ve just thought, we’re expecting……………………… bye bye sleep, it was nice knowing you.


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