Why I don’t like Peppa Pig….

No, hang on, this is serious.

Yes, I know it’s a cartoon character, and yes, I know it’s for children but parents have to watch it as well.  And I’m sorry, but it has a lot to answer for.

Okay, she is polite to her and elders and has never really given her little brother any problems (which in itself pitches an unrealistic level of niceness.  What sibling pairing can go that long without a huge row, or an ‘accidental’ juice spillage into the la…… just me? Really?  Move on….) but the tings she gets up to are classed as acceptable in the real world.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to be a party pooper or anything, but it’s just not on.

Ok, you have kids and have watched Peppa, or you are at least aware of Peppa Pig.  Right, ready?  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I ask you about what she does?

Got it?

Yes.  Muddy friggin’ Puddles.

That’s it right there.  What parents life has not been terrorised by muddy puddles and the exploits of this seemingly passive pig?  Not one puddle can be walked past, whether out in town or just in the garden, without the incessant need to ‘jump’.

Think you can tell them it’s a naughty thing to do??

“Well, Peppa jumps in muddy puddles!”

Stock answer.  And no matter how much you try and explain that despite what that pig does on the TV, it does not equate to real life and the rules are different.  Does not compute.

I send my heartfelt sympathy to all who has to deal with this.  Just keep scrubbing the clothes clean and laugh it off.

Just wait until they finish school one day, meet them at the gate and in front of all their friends, jump in a muddy puddle.  Only then can you truly say, ‘I understand’.

Cue embarrased child.

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