How do I distract a small child?

Here in the UK, Easter represents chocolate eggs and the children being out of school.  Except in my house, where it represents chocolate eggs and boredom.

As Sophie is not yet in school and has not learnt the immaculate art of ‘playing by yourself’, it’s up to the fortunate parents to entertain.

What the hell do you do to entertain a two year old?

I thought this was a good idea....


Ok, for the wife this is an every day occurrence because I spend all day away from the house in the drudgery of work, I don’t get this dilemma.  But now it’s a public holiday.  I’m at home.  Sophie wants to play.

I tried playing football with her, but she called a bad foul and I took the ball inside.
I tried playing hide and seek, but she couldn’t find me laying on the bed watching the TV.
I tried Scrabble – she beat me.
I refuse to dress up as a Princess – I didn’t even think there were any Disney princesses with no hair and a goatee?

Luckily, I have lasted the morning.  She is now having a nap and allowing me some time to write this down and have a sit down.  Problem is, I’m winding down while she is charging up!

What the hell do I do this afternoon?  More to the point, what am I to do all weekend?

The problem I have is that we live 20 miles from the nearest town and neither me or the missus drive, so we are stuck in the middle of nowhere.  It’s not like we can just nip down the pub for a game of pool (although she hustles me!).

Never mind,  I’m sure we’ll survive.  Or I’ll just end up putting the TV on…..


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