Oh, Monkey Puzzle…

No, this isn’t some mild 1950’s term of annoyance or displeasure, said out of frustration that some child has stolen my choc ice………

No, this is a place.  A large place.  A place where hell has broken loose.

It is a place where the animals are left to their own devices and fend for themselves.  A place filled with loud noises, shouting, screaming and general physical abuse.

But, it gets better.  To enter this place, you have to find it.  Hidden away, in a seemingly placid  looking residential setting, is a large complex named Madison Heights.  On the outside all looked calm, who knew what lurked inside.

I now know.  My first foray into large scale children’s entertainment.  Yes folks, Monkey Puzzle is a large indoor play centre for kids.

Yes dear readers, I’m referring to what’s known (in Essex anyway) as an ultimate indoor play centre.  Three stories in height, the size of about three football pitches and filled with soft foam and plastic balls.

As a side, who thought plastic balls were a good idea for children?  Yes, it’s easier to clean up than having a pool of water for them to jump into, and is definitely a safer alternative than using, say, Lego bricks, but they don’t even make the balls out of soft plastic!?

What do they think is going to happen when they have small children, and a pile of balls?  They will all form a circle and nicely pass the balls to each other, whilst taking it in turns?


No, it is exactly what you think, they start throwing the bleedin’ things at the parents, except they’ve all got rotten aim so end up hitting me.  Of course, that’s fun to them, not to my head.

Dangerous missiles

Anyway, back on to the subject.  I have been to play centres before but this one was huge.  Mind blowing, the fact that these people make that much money out of bits of scaffolding and bubble wrap….

However, it isn’t a place for the grown ups and my little one loved it immensely.  So much so that she hasn’t stopped on about it for days.

I do think that these things could be a lot more fun for adults, if there weren’t any children….

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