Week 7: Still not sunk in properly

So, here we are in week 7 of the pregnancy. 


I don’t think that it’s sunk in yet that this is actually happening.  I’m sure it will in time and I’m pretty sure that if we didn’t already have a wild child in the house, I would’ve thought about it a lot more.

As it is still so early on, we haven’t started telling people about the news (don’t worry, I haven’t told anybody that I’m writing this blog either, so they won’t find out.  I hope) apart from the parents of course.  All of which have seemed to be indifferent to the news.

When we announced the pending arrival of the first child, everybody was ecstatic and life had suddenly got better.  I didn’t expect people to react as if they had just won the lottery, mind you!

Yet, this time it was different.  It didn’t seem much of a big deal.  Which has unsettled me.

Yes, this IS me being self indulgent and everybody SHOULD be interested and happy for me and my own little family.  But what’s so different?

Is a second child not as exciting as the first? 
Does it not matter how many children you have as long as there’s one to carry on the name, that’s all that counts?

I know I’m being a tad bit paranoid and am a bit miffed that people aren’t as excited this time, which is kind of hypocritical of me really, going by what title I have given this post.  I am excited, really I am, but still in shock.  It was planned, just not this exact time!

Anyway, that’s my own little insecurities voiced, time to move on.  Probably.

Week 7: What’s going on.


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