The Big Adventure

The time has come to say hello
A new era, a new day, a new dawn
The wait for this day has finally ended
For at six minutes past seven, you were born

The sense of joy overpowers all anxiety
At that moment, all the fear and worry disappears
You are now my sole purpose, my world, my being
It doesn’t happen often, but you had me in tears

What happens now, where do we go?
All this is new, to both you and me
So much to learn, so much to do
We’ll do it together you, mummy and me 

This will be one big adventure
Full of laughter, tears, love and companionship
We will stay together, as a team
Always there for each other, providing friendship

You will find that when you get older
Times will be hard, you’ll feel like you’ve had enough
But remember, your family will always be there for you
You will never be alone, no matter how tough

You are loved so much by everyone you meet
You will never lose that gift, that ability
Whether they’re friends, family or people in the street
Even if you’re acting daft or down right silly

The world has produced one more beauty
Though I feel I must take some credit
When you grow up, a loving and beautiful person
You take after your Dad, and don’t you forget it!

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4 thoughts on “The Big Adventure

  1. I love what you are doing – although you regret not doing it for your first child I’m sure you will make up for it with lots of things about her childhood. How I wish I had written something similar about each of my four and the journeys. 🙂

  2. Thank you yellowlancer, for your words. This started off as an experiment, being as I’ve never written a blog before, but is proving to be quite useful. And I get a proud feeling when I see people reading my efforts. I am thankful for that. It’s never too late…

    • I’m new to blogging, too. Really enjoying reading such a great variety of things. Unfortunately, a bit too much reading instead of writing for myself 😦
      I’m a new grandmother (5 months today) and am working on some picture books for my beautiful little boy, especially as he lives a long way away. (Queensland, I’m in Victoria, Australia) I hope he enjoys reading them one day as much as I’m sure your children will with your blog 🙂

      • Congratulations on the 5 month anniversary! My hope is that I continue writing and not just ‘forget’ about it. Problem I have is that I end up doing most of my posts when at work (shhh!), which doesn’t afford me the time to do much readaing of others work. Should really make more time at home.
        Good luck with your books, hope you have fun doing it!

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