Week 8: Thinking…

So, here we are at week 8, and yes it is starting to sink in.

According to the BBC Pregnancy Calendar, at week 8 the baby is similar to the size of a large grape.  An unnerving thought.  Also trying to hold back the obvious question of whether it was seeded……

It is still very early on and the risks are still there.  I think I’ve read more about the possible problems now than I did the first time.  With an overactive toddler in the house, it’s difficult to be able to tell the wife, ‘go and put your feet up’.  Bit difficult when I’m at work and she’s looking after the youngster.  I suppose it’s a case of waiting to see what happens and hope for the best.  Yeah, I’ll need luck with that.

On the lighter side, I have begun to start thinking about what’s going to happen.  Is it going to be a boy or girl, the whole saga of choosing names and so on.  This is when the cheapness shows through.  Partly hoping we have a girl because we already have a load of girly stuff on hand, not to mention the amount of clothes we have kept in the vain hope we can save money by reusing.  Thinking ahead, y’see.

But then, I would like a boy.  You know, an heir, carry on the name, etc.  Either way it’s irrelevant at this stage.  Well, at any stage really, you get what you’re allowed.

But then this brings up the other argument.  Do you find out the sex, if available?  Would you?

I’m erring on the side of yes (I would) again to see if I can save money!  Possibly the wrong approach to such an important question.  I’m just being a realist…..

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