Week 9: Uncertainty

So week 9 is here and all is progressing quickly.  Honestly, I don’t remember it going this quick the last time.

One week, you find out and it feels that the next week is the first scan!?  I wonder why this happens, is it because I know what’s going to happen?  It’s not going to be such a surprise?

Maybe, but it’s more likely to be the fact that I still have a little ‘un to look after at the same time.  You don’t get the time in the day to sit about and read books and search the internet for the unknown.

Either way, time’s pressing on.

However, as bad as this may sound, and I’m sure everybody does at some point, this week the question did enter my head as to whether I want another child.  I told you that would sound worse than it is….

We’ve been having problems with the daughter this week, not knowing what’s going on with her, the sleepless nights, the crying, the not eating, etc…

Do I really want to go back to exactly the same situation but with a baby?  One that can’t actually tell me what the problem is.  Hmmmmm.

It’s a difficult question.

Don’t worry, dear readers, I have since come to the decision, not that it’s a decision, more of realisation.  We are having another child and I can not be happier.  No, really.

I think it was a mere dip in my being, one that hit me when I was weakest.  But I am back.  Super Dad it is going to be……

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