Week 13: Where did that go?

So, you may notice that this blog has jumped from Week 9 to Week 13.  Things have been going on, more on that later.

But this does make a good point.  Doesn’t the time just disappear?!

I don’t know whether it’s because this is the second pregnancy or I just coincidentally happen to be busier this time, but time just seems to be whizzing by.  Weeks are just a blur and it’s not like my routine has changed much, as it’s still early days.

This isn’t an excuse as to why I have not written anything, far from it, but merely a fact.

Anyway, week 13.   Size of an egg, or small orange, or three Lego men on a tractor…..  All irrelevant really, and whoever started this ‘let’s compare it with a fruit’ thing needs a serious talking to.

It’s started to show more now.  We have had the 12 week scan and all is tickety-boo.  More appointments scheduled and am now looking to the next scan, somewhat, maybe, possibly the chance of finding out the sex.

Is that a good thing to do?  Would you?

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