A different mindset

Having a baby changes the way you view your in-laws, I love it when they come to visit now. They can hold the baby, and I can go out
– Matthew Broderick

Yes, I know I posted this seperately, but after I did, I didn’t think that I could leave it at that.

Isn’t this evidence of how a mind can change?  It’s amazing that one instance, albeit a huge one, can change your outlook completely. 

I used to be one of these people that never really enjoyed the company of others, to a certain degree.  I’m not a hermit, nor am I anti-social, I just prefer to have things on my terms.  But when someone turns up at your door expecting a cup of tea, my mindset is automatically ‘set to stun’.

Don’t get me wrong, I can turn on the charm and politeness in an instant, but half the time I can never be bothered.  But now, if I hear of anybody planning on visiting or meeting ‘by chance’ whilst out, the first thought I have is, ‘will they look after this child of mine while I slip to the pub / shop / park bench for peace (delete as appropriate).

Now, I’m sure that I can’t be the only one to think like this. 

Really??  Just me?? 


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