Justin Fletcher: Evil Genius

Right, before you say anything, this is not borne out of envy or jealousy.  Yes, it would be nice to have his gazillions of pounds or roubles or whatever, but that’s not the point.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have a problem with this ‘entertainer’, am I?  I know he certainly has his fans, mainly bored, depressed housewives, but I just can’t see the attraction.

As far as I know (I maybe wrong) he started off doing voiceover work for kids shows, the Tweenies being the first one that I know, which was fine.  Using his whiney voice to make a whiney character work is fine.  I notice he wasn’t actually in the suit prancing around though.  This is just about acceptable, I mean, there were at least four other characters to dissipate the noise.

Then my experiences moved on with Something Special.  God.  That Mr Tumble has a lot to answer for.

Before you say, yes I do believe that this programme is important, where it highlights sign language and gets children used to seeing differently able individuals.  It’s a good programme, it is, even the characters on it are watchable and beneficial to the programme.  It’s just a shame I have to cram the nearest two toys in my ears when it is on.  Side note: be careful when grabbing the closest things, I nearly had to have an Iggle Piggle surgically removed.

Then it moves up a gear, he takes to the stage.  Justin’s House.  Not too bad, because the shouting and screaming of the kids in the audience means that you don’t always hear everything.  Good.  I will admit though that Robert Robot is a good character and deserves his own show.

Time moves on and more voice overs appear.  The most recent being the White Van or something, I don’t know ‘coz I have never watched it, but I am told it has the same overtones as everything else.  I mean, to be a voiceover artist like the greats from the cinema and off the TV, you have to have vocal range and an appealing voice to grab the viewer and make them take notice.  As far as I can see it, Justin has the same tone and excitement level with everything, whilst at the same time almost always adding in his nose press and funny noise.  Hilarious.

But what takes the biscuit for me was his next step.  I have not heard it but I don’t want to.  He has released an album.

Yes. An album.

I don’t know if he is starting a new career as a proper singer or, in time honoured tradition, is putting on a modern twist to  nursery rhymes and the such.  That, I feel is irrelevant.

It just makes you long for the return of people like Steps, 2Unlimited and Englebert Humperdinck.  Only new albums from these people could compete….

Is this a personal attack on Justin?  No.
Is this an unprovoked attack by Justin?  No.

It’s just driving me crazy.


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