Week 16: Get a Wriggle On

This week, we have another appointment scheduled, the one where we get to hear the heart beat for the first time, god willing.

This is the next big milestone, one that gives you assurances that everything is on track and progressing well.

It is also the week where it is possible, not guaranteed, that you may feel the first movements.  As a mother obviously, it’s too early for any other ‘gropers’ to feel anything.

I’m not too sure how big it is this week, no reference was made on my usual guide, but I’m guessing (fruitists ready?) about a large avocado (?!).

My mind is now, more pressingly, turning towards the things that need to be done.  Children’s furniture, painting the other bedroom, repainting Sophie’s bedroom, making sure we have all the essentials, etc.

Scary thoughts.

Will it all be done in time?  No.
Will most of it be done on time?  No.

Will I have a good excuse as to why it’s not done in time?  Most definitely.  It is near Christmas, after all.

After this appointment, the next big one is the 20-week scan.  Then it’s plain sailing, just a case of sitting back and waiting.

This pregnancy lark is easy.

(If you need me, just look behind the sofa).

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