Just … Wow.

It would appear that some lovely person has put me forward for the:

As it should be, there are rules.

First off, a big thank you to Samantha from through the eyes of a mother for the nomination.

Who knew anybody read this?!

Secondly, I need to share seven things about myself.  Ahem, erm…..

I’m thirty years old and have already lost most of my hair.
I have one daughter and am expecting our second child this year.
I was born by the sea, in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
(Obviously) I am a Portsmouth FC supporter, for my sins.
I sat four A Levels and only got one ‘N’ grade (means ‘nearly’ apparently)
At my age, I really should be able to drive by now.  But I can’t.
I am constantly checking how many people read my blog.  And always feel disappointed afterwards.

Thirdly, I am to nominate 15 of my fellow bloggee’s who I admire or are inspiring.  Here goes:

Army of Awesome People, iGameMom, positivewordsmagazine, Julia’s Place, The Wordslinger, The Cutting Edge, In-debt, Short with Bad Teeth, The odd ramblings of a mind that does not fit, jensinewall, Phantasmagorical, Live, Nerd, Repeat, Second Lunch, MammaDee, Becoming Cliche and Me vs The Normal People.

All of the above are well worth a read, and I find that I can’t stop reading them.  I’m sure that you will enjoy them too, each for their own style, stories and journeys.

Now fourthly, I have to go off and leave a comment on their pages, to tell them what I have done.  Once again, thank you to everyone for reading my little blog.

12 thoughts on “Just … Wow.

  1. Jim- Thanks for the nomination my friend! I wish you the best of the luck with your upcoming arrival, I have one of them coming myself in less than 8 weeks…it will be my third so perhaps you should be the one wishing me the luck!

    • Indeed, I would wish you luck, but by the third child, I imagine that you have got fatherhood down to a T! I have a few months to prepare, so am not freaking out just yet! Good luck!

  2. wow … thanks so much for reading my little blog too and yes I too have become addicted to my stats and the little orange icon in the corner of my screen .. sigh never even thought I’d be a blogger

  3. Thank you so. Much Jim! Really flattered. I shall put it to one side so that when the world slows a little I will have time to do it justice. Thank you again

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