The Rules of the TV

Obviously, before I even start, the TV and remote belong to daddy, so keep your sticky fingers off it. 

No, really.

‘Yes, I know Peppa Pig is on, but daddy is watching the football.

No.  Stop whining.  No, I’m not putting it on, no.  Oh fine.’

This is a conversation that I have had many a time with the youngster.  Especially on a Saturday.  But that does make me ask a question; how long and what sort of TV can she be watching?

I must admit, I probably let Sophie watch far too much TV.  Couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the evenings.  (Maybe a bit during the day to keep her quiet).

But is this too much?  I know ‘experts’ reckon that any amount of TV can be damaging and that all children should really be watching paint dry.  Or watching the veins in daddy’s head start throbbing.  ‘It looks like they’re dancing!’

Now that she has started to understand the concept of TV, and also the language, I certainly have to moderate the content.  Gone are the days when she would slip into a peaceful state watching the Simpsons or Futurama.  I put it on because of the colours, of course.  I can even have my music channels on anymore (Scuzz TV is a bit, um, weird).

And now it’s a constant stream of, ‘can I watch Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig’ (I think I have already stated my distrust of this pig). 

Now, I live in the middle of nowhere, on an old airfield.  I don’t drive and there are not many children in the vicinity.  So apart from mummy and daddy, the TV does add a certain amount of required variety.  But please understand, I’m not putting her in front of the TV so that I can get on with things.  Far from it, I mean, I end up watching most of it with her.

Why else would I know all the characters from Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly (Nanny PuhLum) and Team Umizoomie…


2 thoughts on “The Rules of the TV

  1. don’t have kids but can so understand the help of the nanny tv … they can be so exhausting and really as long as they don’t get headaches and still do lots of other things I am sure it is fine

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