Just tidy up …… please?!

This week’s debate / fight in the house revolves around toys.

Please can someone tell me how the hell do you get a child to tidy up their toys?!

I have tried everything, asking nicely, shouting loudly, helping out, nothing works.

Short of doing it myself, I am at my wits end as to why I can’t get the ethos across of tidying up before you play with something else.  If you’re going to play with your animals, then tidy away doll and stuff first?  Is it too much to ask?

Mind you, I feel I am in a losing battle.  When mummy isn’t too keen on the whole tidy idea either, how can I insist that Sophie does it?!

I don’t mind the odd toy here and there, don’t get me wrong.  But when you have to plan your path to get from the sofa to the kitchen, you know something needs to be done.

So, if anybody out there can offer their experience or any tips on how to ‘persuade’ your child to tidy up, I would be most grateful.

2 thoughts on “Just tidy up …… please?!

  1. this is a very long drawn out battle, even now that the boys are 4 and 5 it can still take them hours to clean up their room.. literally one time it took them 5 hours… with little miss it is a little bit different because she is 18 months old but I suspect it will be the same with both girls.. I don’t know what it is about kids but they had to clean up the messes THEY made..

    if you figure out anyway to do it let me know, cause I am still losing this battle.. its either fight the battle or throw away all their toys.. lol…

  2. I usually end up doing most of the tidying throughout the day out in the main living areas but at the end of the day the boys (6 and 4) are given the task of putting the toys in their room back into the bins. If for some reason their rooms remained mostly unplayed in then I give them one manageable task to do together, say cleaning up their train tracks. They love their bedtime stories and they don’t get them until the cleaning is done. Plus if there is too much back talk or it takes way too long then they get one less story. Usually just the threat of that makes them get back to cleaning!

    I used to fight with them to first clean up one type of toy before bringing out the next but then I read somewhere that the intermixing of toys allows for further creativity (they use hot wheel cars on the train tracks for example). It sounded nice and gave me an excuse to stop fighting with them about it. 🙂 Good luck and let me know if you find some magic spell to cast to make the tidying go more smoothly.

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