Week 17: Badom Badom…

So here we are again.  Week 17.  Only 23 to go.  Nearly halfway.

I currently haven’t started doing anything.  Not just in general, but baby specific.  I don’t know why this is, maybe it’s because I already have a child to look after I suppose, I just remember being a bit more organised the first time round.

Not saying that I haven’t thought about what needs to be done and everything else that needs to be considered, I just haven’t started yet.

I have decided on where to buy the paint though.

Anyway, that aside, we have just approached and passed the second big milestone in pregnancy, the heartbeat.

All was well and consistent.  And present.  This time I think the baby positioned itself to be heard, it was found almost instantly.  The last one was a pain, had the wife jiggling about on the bed for ages trying to get a good drumbeat going.

That is a big ‘sigh’ of relief though.  I always found that both scans and finding a heartbeat are probably the most anxious times of pregnancy.  Once you’ve both seen and heard all is well, it usually opens the floodgates for prospective parents to start shopping.  Once it’s been confirmed that it is odds on to arrive on time (or thereabouts) then a ‘shopping’ urge descends and consumes all.

Then there’s the added question of whether you find out what exactly you will be having.  Not all hospitals offer this service and is all dependent on the day, but what do you do?  Say no and keep it as a surprise or say yes and (possibly) save some money?

Mind you, they don’t always get it right…


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