OK, I’m sorry…

An apology.


I know, I made all that effort last week to post regularly, all original stuff with hopefully just the right amount of sarcasm and humour, then I go and spoil it all by doing something stupid like forgetting.

No, not forgetting, not making the time.  It is not done out of malice or because of Alzeimers, I just have a very unorganised streak in me.  That and writers block.  I have all this information and stories etc. all stored in my head, but sit me in front of a keyboard and it’s like I’ve transformed into Peter Griffin.  But not as funny.

Aside from the ‘what the hell do I write’ moments, there has also been a small issue of football on the TV.  Obviously, the reason I am on here today to regale you with my words, is that England were knocked out yesterday.  I’m not bitter.  But at least it wasn’t by the hands of the Germans.

I don’t know who is going to win the Euros this year, probably Spain or Germany, but knew it wasn’t go to be England.  That’s not being unpatriotic, just ‘effing realistic.

I know this has not got anything to do with the family, but I have to mention it.  I may have to readjust the emphasis of this blog, so that it is not just focused on me and the little un(s) but just generally, me. 

Is that pretentious?!  Would anybody still read it?!

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