Week 18: Choosing a colour

No, stop yourself, that doesn’t mean we are having a baby designed and delivered to the house.  I mean, we’re not celebrities!

No, I am talking about paint.

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before, you know, the whole ‘what are we going to have’ discussion.  Well, I say discussion, it does have the ability to rapidly change into a heated debate, shall we say.  I understand that it is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly; do you find out?

I started off with the frugal stance of yes, it’ll save us money.  Then, the more you think about it the more you sway towards the excitement and surprise of ‘that’ moment of childbirth.


I still don’t know.  I can’t decide.

Which it makes it even more of a difficult decision on what colour paint to use.  This doesn’t help daddy prepare.

Neautral colours are good, I get that.  Beige is a complete no.  White is too boring and black is, just, weird.

I must admit, last time we painted the bedroom a rather fetching crisp green, a mint colour if you please.  And as much as I try, I’m not allowed to use the same colour.  I mean, I have some left over already…

With only two weeks left to the ‘halfway’ mark, daddy’s jobs are getting more important and I can’t even make a decision.  How have I managed to last this long?!

Anyway, on another note, here we are at Week 18.  Baby is at about 16cm, which is a healthy size.  About the same size as an iPod Touch (plus a bit).  Yeah, that’s right, keeping it 21st century!

Excitement levels have not kicked into overdrive yet, again probably because I’ve not started to do anything, although the wife’s waddle is beginning to show!

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