It’s all a bit wooden…

Now, in my day all you needed was an empty toilet roll and a cardboard box, add to that a small pinch of imagination and you were off, sailing the seven seas or chopping up a dragon…

Ok, probably not doing that, and I’m pretty sure I was not born in 1948…  But my point is, compared to my generation, the availability and diversity of toys is far greater than ever before.  Which begs the question, to me anyway, is there a particular type that is better than others??

In this day and age it’s all about fads and trends.  The latest film or cartoon spores an almost indefinite line of merchandise which any child insists that they can’t live without.  And are fully prepared to lay on the floor, screaming and hollering, until they get it.  Wars are started over less.

Whilst giving in to the demands of a relentless child is by far the easiest way forward, it is often the most costly.  You can’t have one character without another, you can’t have one t-shirt without having the other, etc, etc.

However, there does seem to be a new range of toys coming back into fashion though, the unique style of wooden toys.  I am all for this, and would encourage parents to at least try this route.  There’s something more, I don’t know, appealing to having a solid, well made toy in wood.

None of this plastic rubbish.  The sort of thing that would pierce your foot but then will ultimately break. A bit like a bee after it’s stung you, a last act of defiance, if you will.

There’s the ultimate in luxury for little girls, the doll’s house and accessories, and then the classics such as jigsaw puzzles, play food and kitchens.  Obviously, the range will be a lot more extensive in your modern toy shop, but sometimes it’s nice to be different.  To be a bit ‘retro’.

I must admit, I’ve missed the boat with my daughter, but I think I will definitely try these toys with next child.  I haven’t got anything to lose really.  If the child doesn’t like it, they are robust enough to be put into the cupboard for the next one (I hope the missus doesn’t read this!).  Or, if you are ‘frugal’, it will always be a good thing to pass on to family and friends with children.

The inspiration for this post is due to a friend on facebook.  They have set up a company that specialises in this area of the market, and by the looks of it, are getting it spot on.  The range of toys they have evokes a lot of memories and intrigue in equal measure.  If you are thinking about venturing into the wooden world of toys, check them out: Teeny Tiny Wooden Toy Company.


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