Week 19: Have we still got…

Here we are at Week 19.  The guide says that this week we are up to about 20cm or the size of an average pear and that development is really underway now.

‘Sensory development is well underway, with your baby’s ability to taste, smell, hear, see and touch all developing in their specialised areas of the brain.’

How do they know?

I mean, it’s all well and good saying that they are starting to see, smell, etc, but how do we know?!  They could be making it up and basing  it on a 16th Century guess…

I mean, c’mon, how can it by developing it’s sense of smell, if it starts sniffing now, it’d get a nostril full of liquid!!  And what’s it tasting?  A plain, bland flavoured jelly?!

Obviously, I didn’t pay attention in school when it came to science, and I will probably be blasted for those last comments, but that’s what came to my mind, anyway.  Don’t even get me on how it’s starting to use it’s lungs…

That aside, the arguments rage on in the household.  Loggerheads are at.  Stations are battling.  Same questions.

I still haven’t started the decorating, or the sorting out.  I know time is moving on, I appreciate that, but I’m not a machine!  Come on, the football has only just finished.

Paint Tins

Whilst I’m thinking about what paint to buy, Mummy has the catalogues out looking at furniture, prams, toys, etc.  I won’t start talking about priorities here (I have just cited football as an excuse).

All the while the pages of the brochures are flicking, my mind is asking  ‘didn’t we still have that in the cupboard? Hang on, that’s downstairs, I know where that is’.  Problem is, all I can here is the cogs whirring and the sound of a cash register going kerching!

Oh well, I’m sure this will rumble on for a few weeks or months.  Just giving you all an update.

Note: If the need arises after battle, I can be identified by my shoes.

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