Halfway. Christ.

Yes, I’ve done it again.  It’s been a while, but hey, I’ve been busy!

I won’t dwell on my tardiness, but look to the future.  Well, the now actually. 

Here we are at the halfway point, 20 weeks.  We’ve recently had the second and normally final scan.  All the signs point to the side of healthy.  There are no extra bits, no unusual bits and most importantly, nothing missing.

We ummed and arred over the eternal question, do we find out the gender of the child.  Right up to the last minute, we still could not decide.  It was actually the, radiographer(?), that helped us make our mind up saying that if we didn’t want to know by that time, it will probably be best that we didn’t find out.

And do you know, I think that was the best decision.

Sure, it would’ve been nice to find out whether it would be a boy or girl, but what would of been the real benefit of finding out early?  My main motivation behind finding out would of been for financial reasons.  This, I feel, is the wrong reason.  Yeah, it could of saved me some money, but you lose the thrill of the ‘surprise’ at the end.

Anyway, development is going at a hell of a speed.  The real shock of that day, which I do not remember ever seeing the first time around, is the fact that when zoomed in enough, you can see the mouth moving.  Not just a blurry image where the operative goes, ‘you see that smudge move, that’s the mouth’, but you can see detail like lips and stuff.  That just blew me away.

Apart from it doing somersaults and the fact that you can feel all the movements now, there is nothing to report.

I’m not allowed to mention the size of the mother……….

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