A change of direction.

Hello to all you wonderful readers out there.  I am extremely humbled and grateful to the people that take time to read my inane drivel and, not so insightful, take on parenting.

Regular, or even passers by, will notice that I am not the most punctual of people.  I lack organisation in all fields.  You should see my desk at work….

Whilst all the experiences of parenting and the journey of pregnancy are right in front of me, I struggle to get these down in words to share with the world.  This isn’t because I can’t write in sentences, no far from it; it’s more the fact that when I actually get the time to sit down and form a meaningful post, it’s gone.  Completely and utterly…………. gone.

I know what happened, vaguely, but can’t remember enough to make it newsworthy.

It also depends on how busy I am at work.  I sit and look at a computer, occasionally moving the mouse, all day, so when I get home; my first thought is not to sit at the computer.

Therefore, a change is needed.

The aim of this blog is going to change ever so slightly.  The main focus will still be my daughter Sophie and the upcoming arrival of baby no. 2, but I am going to start including me.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to start posting pictures of myself in random locations or plastering my face all over this blog.  That would not be a pretty sight.

No, it means that I am going to include all the stuff that is in my head.  This will definitely contain information about music, films, TV, things I find funny, y’know that sort of thing.

I apologise if this does not appeal to my usual readers, but it’s a sort of way of getting me to post more regularly.  If in the future this makes me post more about being Daddy, then all’s the better.

Stick with me, you may find it funny and insightful.  You might not, but you might feel compelled to hang around to find out what I will come up with next…..

That’s why I hang around, I never know.


Forever yours,   Jim.


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