That eternal question.  The one situation where the only reply from a child is the same, every time.

Despite differing levels of tone in the question, the answer remains the same.  And I notice that the louder the question gets, the more times the answer is repeated.

Darling, will you pick up your toys please?
Because it’s a mess…
Because it’s dangerous too, please pick up your toys.
Look, just pick them up will you?
Because I said so!

………. Oh for f…..

Well, I’m sure that you’re all well aware of this situation and that in the end, the child wins.  Whatever you are asking the child to do, it’s futile.  You WILL be doing it yourself.  But, now you will be doing it whilst muttering to yourself and ignoring the steam rising from the top of your head.

It’s an un-winnable situation, yet still we try.  Why?

No, stop that.


Obviously my daughter is only two so I can not for sure comment, but I don’t think this lasts all their childhood and teen years.  Does it?  It can’t do, surely.  In their teen years they will be at school, and therefore it’s the teachers’ job’s to fill their mind with so much utterly useless information that they need not ask ‘that’ question.  And in their later childhood such trivial questions will be replaced by a dire need to watch the TV or play on their Gameboy, or such modern day equivalent.

Well, that’s my hope.  And I’m sticking to it.

Don’t ask me why.



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