Terrorvision: How to Make Friends…

Terrorvision:  How to Make Friends and Influence People

In the first of, I’m sure, many posts about my interests, I start with a classic album.

Due to an absolute cracker of a flashback whilst surfing Grooveshark (free music site, like Spotify) I came across a few albums from my past.  But nothing symbolises my school years than this album.

I spent nigh on five years listening to this album. 

Obviously not only this album, I’d be quivering in the corner by now or working in McDonalds, no, but this was one of the staple albums I’d listen to to get me through school.

I don’t acutally know why though.  At the same time I was experimenting with rock and heavy metal and I admit that I am still very much a ‘metal-head’, but this was that softer, cheesier album that never failed to lighten the mood.

You may be sitting there reading this going, ‘Are you serious?  This was their worst album……’.  That’s fine, it’s your opinion.  I can only comment on this album because, apart from that one single ‘Tequila’, this is te only album by Terrorvision I have ever heard.  So, ner!

Anyway, after shutting down Grooveshark, I put out a plea on Twitter to my friends to see if anybody could give me a copy.  One week later it arrives on my desk (thanks Fliss!) and it has been played many, many times since.

Stop that bus, I live here.

Track Listing:
“Alice What’s the Matter” – 2:43
“Oblivion” – 3:03
“Stop The Bus” – 3:43
“Discotheque Wreck” – 3:17
“Middleman” – 3:32
“Still the Rhythm” – 3:32
“Ten Shades of Grey” – 3:03
“Stab in the Back” – 4:51
“Pretend Best Friend” – 3:47
“Time O the Signs” – 3:25
“What the Doctor Ordered” – 2:17
“Some People Say” – 3:03
“What Makes You Tick” – 4:10

Read my personal Essential Albums list.


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