Ouch! Mind my toes….

Pedestrians beware!  Sophie is mobile!

Yep, gone are the days where you can sit on the sofa and just casually leave your feet out for a good ‘airing’.

No more open toed sandals for casual visitors.

In a move originally depicted as a ‘good load of fun’, we have purchased and given her a scooter.

Fairly innocuous, you’d say?  That’s what I thought.

There’s not a day goes by now where my ankles are not involved in a road traffic collision.

And as for the furniture, well, the original thought of being able to keep it for many years has now gone out of the window.  They’re covered in tyre marks, scrapes, all sorts.

Luckily, for now, we have had / got some good weather so the front room as a whole breathes a sigh of relief.

The carpet is counting it’s blessings for the break as it is starting to resemble a ploughed field from the tread of the tyres.

Yes, I’m moaning.  I can’t help it, my toe hurts.

I suppose though, the main thing is that Sophie absolutely loves it.

Suppliers of plasters and ankle strapping rejoice.


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