New set of wheels

This week we begun the preparations.

Well, technically we started ages ago but it’s just not going very quickly.

But now we have physical proof and not just the repetitive, ‘yeah I’ll do it tomorrow’.

We have bought a new travel system.  A fresh set of wheels for the upcoming baby! Now, before you start saying that it’s bad luck, like some of you were thinking, it is also going to be used for Sophie as well so that should knock any superstitions sideways.

I remember last time that it didn’t take us too long last time to choose a model.  Basically, we picked the cheapest and sturdiest looking.

This time however, we are lucky enough to have a little bit more money put by to spend.

There are so many!  Big wheels, three wheels, with car seat, without car seat, lasts nine years, lasts four years, and so on.

After a good month or two, we have settled on one.

A Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe.  Or something.

We had it delivered the other day.  A remarkably small box for the gargantuan that came out of it.

It’s a Toys R Us special so is adorned with their ‘I Love My Bear’ iconography.

It’s a lot bigger than the last one.

Putting it together was fairly straight forward too, apart from the fact I have to take the wheels back off and put them on again properly.  It wasn’t my fault.  It was late and the wife was going on  and on in my lug hole!

Anyway, as the main pusher of prams, I can’t wait to actually get it out on the road and see how good it is.  It certainly seemed to be easy enough to push around the living room (although I didn’t see Mickey Mouse when I ran over him).

By the way, this isn’t a product review or anything.  Just telling you what’s going on, keeping it real.

In that respect, I may have to ‘Pimp My Pram’….



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