The Detectives – TV

Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell play the bumbling detective constables Bob Louis and David Briggs. They were hopeless at their job, to the despair of their “super” Frank Cottam (played by Sewell). However, they usually ended up solving their cases and retaining their jobs, though they came close to being fired on occasion. Louis was more downbeat, whereas Briggs tried to emulate the gung-ho cops shown on TV and in film. (wikipedia)

I’m a huge fan of Jasper Carrott and have been for a while (starting ‘coz my old man has a passing resemblence!) and I love this series.

The acting is tremendous, Jasper has a ‘Mr Bean’ quality about him, being tall and silly not the ‘backwards’ feel, and Robert brings the serious acting due to him being a classicly trained thespian.

It’s not groundbreaking or mainstream, but if you do enjoy good honest British comedy from the ’90s, this is definitely worth a watch.

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