Week 23 – Pain-t

To quote Bad Boys, ‘Shit just got real!’

Okay, it was real weeks ago, but things are now happening.

I’m buying and painting stuff.  It’s that serious!

As stated in a previous post, I have bought a new set of wheels, and I must admit I am quite pleased with the purchase.

But again, the painting has started too.  (Note that painting has the word ‘pain’ nestled in it.  It hurts on many levels).

This to me means the arrival is on track and isn’t too far off.

You can generally tell this because I’m one of these people who tend to leave things to the last moment.  Literally.

I was half way through painting the bathroom when Sophie decided to ‘pop out’.

I’ve still not finished it, ahem.

I’m determined though, this time, to at least have the furniture and bedrooms all sorted before it becomes too late.  This means a complete sort out of the house.  It’s been coming, I mean, it’s needed a sort out since we moved in about five years ago.

I’ve been busy…



Anyway, on the baby front, it appears to be progressing.  I mean, the kicking is getting stronger and you can even see the wobble when it happens!

I don’t know what size it is anymore, probably about ……… the size of some sort of melon?!  You’re guess is as good as mine.


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