Don’t get me wrong, as a resident and proud Englishman, I am extremely happy that London is the host and that Team GB are starting to do well.

Even a couple of Gold medals.  Nice.

That’s not my gripe.

Nor is that fact that there are 57 thousand TV channels covering the various sports, along with the internet streaming these channels, radio dominated by interviews and coverage, etc.

It’s more the effect that it’s having on the children.

“Won’t somebody please think of the children!?” – Maude Flanders.

As the wife is into all this sport malarkey, it seems to be on every time the TV is on.  I don’t mind too much, some of the more ‘underground’ sports can be entertaining.

Found myself getting quite into the volleyball the other day.

No, not beach volleyball.  One track mind, tsk.

It’s the gymnastics that holds the majority of the impressive skills.  It’s a liked sport in the household.

Problem is, daughter is now mimicking the actions.  I have a two year old running and jumping all across the living room.

‘Look daddy, look at me!’ every five minutes.

Now I just refuse to give her a score.


It’s a joyous time, I hear you cry.  True.  But thankfully it only lasts two weeks.

I am dreading next week when the track and field events start.

It’s the cats I feel sorry for.  They are going to have to be extra aware.

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t let her watch the javelin….

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