Bedroom painted pink and girly? Check.

This house now comes complete with one pink bedroom.

A girly paradise, with pink curtains and a pink lampshade.

What more could you ask for.  Ok, I can’t do anything about the deep blue carpets or dark varnished cupboard doors, but everything else is taking shape.

Not only that but the new bed is on order too.

Get me…

So before long, the princess will be in her very own bedroom.  Which, quite frankly, is downright scary.

It just goes to remind you of how quickly things are moving.  Next year she will be three and starting in nursery / playschool (if I ever learn to drive) and no doubt will start coming home with a new found confidence and demanding nature.

‘Daddy, can I have a skinny latte, hold the cream………. Cressada had one today at nursery and it was simply divine……..!’

Good god, I hope it doesn’t come to that.  I’m so thankful that I’m not posh.

It also makes the next three months seem very short indeed.

Obviously, the reason we’re moving Sophie into her own room is to leave that one as a nursery, for the next one.

Which is due in three months.  108 days.

Oh. M. Gee.

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