Back in the room…

Now, I know I have been here before and you’ve heard it all, but there is a reason!

My absence from posting has been, mainly, because of two reasons.

1.  I’ve been decorating
2.  The Olympics have been on

Not great excuses really, are they?  But it’s the truth.

I have finished painting Sophie’s room and she is now moved in and settled.  The bright pink surroundings have not phased her and it is simply known as the ‘pink room’.  Nice.

She’s happy, the wife’s happy because I finally finished it.  I’m not happy.

No, I’m not.  I’m happy ‘coz it’s done but now it just means I have to start on the rest of the house.  This does not fill me with joy.  Oh well, never mind.

And the second excuse, sorry, reason was two weeks of sport.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of track and field sports, I mainly stick to the football, but there is something drawing to some of the stranger, underworld sports.  Like what do they wear when they are shooting those pistols?  I thought I had turned onto a repeat of Robocop….

Anyway, it was being hosted in my country for the only time I’m ever going to see it, so I sat down every day and watched at least a couple of hours worth.

This does nothing for my schedule.

So there you have it, I apologise for my absence, but weren’t the Olympics good?!

Proud to be British.

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