I’ve heard it all before…

So Christmas is finished.  A New Year is here.

It is now time for the inevitable resolutions.  Do you have any?

I have promised not to make any this year because I never stick to them.  I do try and make achievable goals, it’s not like I’m aiming for ‘this time next year, we’ll be millionaires!’.  I just do not have any will power.

Like many, the main resolution that would be expected of me would be to lose weight.  Yes, I know it’s so predictable and cliche, but it’s a reality for me.  Although some people would probably love my ‘truffle shuffle’.

I try this every year, but come March it’s gone out the window.  Yeah, I try for three months lose maybe a stone but then my birthday comes around and I just can’t be bothered after that.  This then results in the good work up to that point, dissolving onto the large pizza I just ordered.  D’oh.

There are other resolutions that are popular but are just now realistic.  I mean, who is going to give up drinking alcohol?!  I can understand if it is driven by medical issues but if it’s not, that’s just silly.  Fine, stop binge drinking.  That would be a good idea.  Learn the art of self moderation.

But to give up the sherry at Christmas and glass of bubbly at special events?!  Madness.

Anyway, this year I have some goals in my head that I want to achieve, and the dates by which I want this to happen.  But I’m not telling anyone.  This way I can’t fail to achieve my goals, ‘coz nobody will know about them!

Now it’s all on me.

At the end of the day, as said by lots of experts and celebrities, what’s most important when it comes to resolutions and lifestyle changes, is the advantages to you.  If you want to lose weight, do it because you want to feel better.  Stop drinking or smoking for the health benefits, not just to save money. 

Think about you first.  Do things to make you feel better.

I can't believe it's been a year...

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