Why Can’t I Get Up In The Morning?

Now this is a problem.  A significant problem.

It’s been a month now since the boy joined our family, and I still haven’t figured out a routine.

I need to get into work for about 7.30am, for this to happen I need to get out of bed at a reasonable time (this is not happening), sort out breakfast for myself and the daughter.  At the same time assist the wife in feeding, changing and preparing the boy for the day.  Doesn’t sound difficult, does it?!

Then why can I not do it?

I know it’s not going to be an overnight change, I mean this is the first couple of weeks where I have had to go to work since the new addition, so there was always going to be a bit of a period to figure it out.

But, it’s not happening.  I end up waking at about 7, turn over and put the TV on cbeebies for when the daughter rises and joins us in the bedroom.  This is where problem number one starts.  Why is children’s tv so compelling?  Why am I stuck there watching Chuggington?  I mean, a cartoon about trains learning to be trains, from what I understand.  Then there’s the Octonauts.  Which is just down right weird.

Anyway, by the time I get bored of these programmes, it’s 8.15am. Bugger.
I’m late as usual.

I need to make sure I am up and out of bed before I turn the TV on, that way I won’t get sucked into it.  Mind you, that also depends on me not turning them on downstairs whilst eating my breakfast.

Can someone please help me, I need to break the routine but can’t!  I am being overrun by children and their television!  I’m thirty years old for gawd’s sake!

It’s lucky, really, that my job are understanding and recognise the seriousness of my problem.  Cbeebies syndrome is a serious disease…

Octonauts - cbeebies

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Get Up In The Morning?

  1. The holiday break has made me stay up late at nigh watching films I already know … why can’t I go to bed? it leads to not being able to get p in the morning … I need someone to hide my remote control

    • I’m like that, if I happen to skip channels and find a film, I can’t leave until I’ve seen the end. And it doesn’t matter whether I’ve seen the film a hundred times before, there is always that slight chance that they have changed the ending without telling me….

      • Ooh, I never thought of that! Maybe the next time I watch Spongebob Squarepants the Movie, I will try to use the power of the mind….. Maybe I can make it even funnier!

    • I commend Cbeebies on their parenting skills, but some of the programmes are diabolical. I could really do without Justin bleedin’ Fletcher (see previous posts). Have you tried Disney Junior? I love Imagination Movers, addictive, try it out!

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