Evening Plans? I wish…

Parents out there, how on earth can you plan an evening?

No matter how hard I try and try, it never works out how I want it to.  Does the notion of ‘me time’ disappear when you have two children?  With just one child it’s not too bad, especially when they’re at that age where they sleep through the night with no problems, leaving you with a few hours to yourself to do what you want.  For me, this used to consist of a couple of drinks in front of a film or even some gaming on the XBox.  I look back now and that seems like bliss.

With the addition of the second child, all planning ceases.  You are no longer in control of your own time.

Picture this as a typical evening; child one is asleep and it’s 7.30pm.  Child 2 is happily burbling away in the corner talking to a parrot or monkey or something just as weird.  All seems fine, parents start to act like human beings and begin to go about their business.

Child 2 gets bored of the conversation, the anti-banana debate has gotten out of hand, and starts to whinge.  Mummy attends and daddy carries on, generally with the washing up.  Time moves on…

It’s approaching 10pm, child 2 is getting hungry.  Instead of uttering the words of ‘Oh Mama, I have quite the hunger, could one fetch me a sandwich’, the baby alternative is to cry and scream at the top of its lungs.  He could be saying those words I suppose, we’ll never know.

Whilst Mummy attends yet again, Daddy begins the bottle preparations.  Ten minutes until feeding time child 2 decides to start snoring.  Peace and quiet, you may think…..


Child 1 has heard the noises over the past hour and has now decided to awaken and call for Daddy.  Toilet break.  Fine, I can handle that, just a case of escort to bathroom, wait, escort back, go back to sleep.  ‘Yes Daddy’, the lies children tell.

Back downstairs, Mummy is feeding child 2, all is calm.

Soon shattered.  Child 1 is now fully awake and wants to come downstairs, the battle begins and lasts a significant portion of the evening.

That brief insight into my evenings highlights the fact that nothing gets done.  In any part of the above did you note that I was doing something constructive or fun?  Was it all an interruption of me on the XBox?  Did I have to pause a film?  Not a bleeding chance.

So, dear readers, if you have words of wisdom on how I can reclaim my evenings for me, I will be very grateful.

Please help.

Tired Parents / Happy Kids

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