Guilty TV Pleasure

I have a confession.  (I seem to be writing that a lot recently)

I have a new guilty pleasure which I am going to share with you.

Every day, and I mean every day, at 5.15pm I watch BBC1.

No, that’s not it. 

I thoroughly enjoy the programme that is scheduled by the BBC, so much so that I congregate in the front room with the wife and two children.  Just like all the family used to crowd around the TV for Bullseye in the olden days.

I’m sure many of you out there will agree with me and do watch it too.

I’m not going to stop watching it and no groups are available for this addiction.

I urge one and all to watch this awesome programme.  It is suitable for all ages and will make you laugh.  I guarantee you will like it (this is not a law abiding guarantee and compensation will be given if you do or do not snort your tea out of your nose.  Terms and conditions apply).

That is all.

Pointless on the BBC


2 thoughts on “Guilty TV Pleasure

  1. I haven’t yet succumbed to recording this every day – we’re Countdown addicts in our household – but I do try to watch whenever I can, and I totally agree it’s a great show with a brilliant but simple premise, and one which genuinely rewards depth of knowledge on a topic.

    Love your blog by the way, which I’m now following. I’m a father of three – like you, I blog a bit about parenting, a bit about TV (I have a separate blog for that) and a lot about random stuff that just tickles my fancy. *thumbs up*

    • Thank you for your kind words about the blog, as you can tell I do not get around to updating or writing as often as I should. You seem to have the same interests as myself so I shall definitely be heading to your blog for a good read!

      As for Pointless, I can’t stop watching. I just can’t help wondering who these people are that they ask?! Some of the answers or amount of people who don’t know the answers is shocking!


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