How are you still alive?!

Office IncompetenceIt can’t just be me can it?  There must be others surely?

I mean, I must not be the only one that has to suffer utter incompetence at work?  The kind of stuff that makes you ask how these people are still alive?!

Ok, a bit dramatic there.

Today’s topic for discussion is stupid people at work.  Now we all know stupid people, chances are you have spoken to some already today, and even taken the time to laugh at these people.

You are entitled to do so.

Stop.  I do not condone bullying or ‘trolling’ (is that a relevant term? I was trying to be ‘with it’) but a line must be drawn.  If they struggle to grasp the simplest of tasks, say like turn a computer on, then ridicule must be delivered.  I mean, they work in an office and have done so for some time, how can you not know how to work your computer?  Fear not though, they are a dab hand with a fax machine!

Pffft.  Fax machine.  Ha.

Right, well today is one of those days for me.  Actually it’s every day but today I’m writing it down.  I’m not going to tell you where I work, that wouldn’t be fair, but it’s a large organisation with lots of offices.

It’s a typical office environment with a plethora of personalities, some weird, a few normal (ish). The workers who sit quietly tapping away on their keyboards, stopping momentarily to take a swig of tea while the shirkers (of which there are maaaaany) who sit in the middle of the room offering their opinions on everything ranging from Emmerdale to capital punishment to anybody, whether they want to listen or not.


It’s the bosses that get me.  You wonder how on earth they got their jobs.  It wasn’t because they were skilled or creative, and it certainly wasn’t because of their attitudes.  I don’t know, they mystery of management that probably won’t ever be solved.

My boss can’t even get the name of his OWN department right.  He’s been supposedly been running it for eighteen months!  How can you not despair!

I admit, there isn’t really a point to this post, I was merely just having a moan and hoping that I wasn’t the only one who has to endure this mire of incompetence.

That is all.  Thank you for listening.

Office Incompetence

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