Is Valentine’s Day for children?

I know, weird question right?

I should specify my intentions really.  I don’t mean school goers entering into the world of their first crush’s, or over-sexed teenagers lusting after anything with a pulse, no my question relates to something a lot simpler.

The purchasing of cards by your toddler / baby.

Now, I have bought a Valentines card for the wife from the cats before, but that was a bit of fun.  The expectation is there, I feel, that it is my duty to buy and give cards from my three year old and 11 week old to their mother.  As a gesture.

I don’t know, is this a normal done thing?  Does anybody else buy the childrens card for Mummy? 

I know it’s a nice gesture, as a sign of appreciation I suppose, but isn’t that what Mother’s day is for?  Why do they get two occasions?!

With this being a simple cash flow operation (spot the old romantic in me!) for Hallmark and the such, I am loathe to part with any more cash on these sort of opportunities.

However, am I just being mean spirited?  It’s true that I don’t like spending money and this is maybe the reasoning for my questioning and doubt.

Valentines Day for Mummy

4 thoughts on “Is Valentine’s Day for children?

  1. I’ve also gotten into the habit of buying cards from the kids for Valentine’s, birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and pretty much every other occasion. I really ought to buy shares in Hallmark! Since our oldest started being able to sign his own name a couple of years back, it’s now a routine I can’t break out of. Time for a second mortgage, methinks …

    • That’s precisely the point. I can understand birthdays, Mother’s day, etc. but is Valentine’s really an appropriate event in which to start them young?! I think it should be left to courting couples and married couple’s duty.
      A valid point also, I don’t really want to set the precendent and have to do it every year. I struggle remembering events as it is, let alone then having to buy cards from the kids as well!

      • As you say, there’s almost an expectation (whether self-imposed or otherwise) to make the ‘gesture’. I know exactly what would happen if I didn’t provide a card for my oldest to give my wife tomorrow – a pout followed by an accustaory “where’s MY card, daddy?” There’s absolutely no need for us to be buying Valentine’s cards from the kids … but we do anyway …

      • And, as you say, whether it’s actually relevant for a child to be giving his mother a Valentine’s card. I’m sure my wife would happily settle for a greeting and a hug from the kids, but whether appropriate or not our oldest two EXPECT to give a card to mark any occasion. Of course, if I’d been even remotely organised I’d have got them to make up their own cards …

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