Stress at Work? Damn Tooting!

The bane of my life is driving me nuts.

No, it’s not the wife, its work.  Doing. My. Head. In.

I know, I know, I’ve said it all before.  But the last month or so is making me bang my head against the wall.  There are so many incompetent people in this world, it is scary.

Truly scary.

I’ve got a job where I can’t say anything.  No matter how useless the boss is, how much of a waste of time this particular task is, I can’t say a word.  Not a dickie.  I can tell my boss my concerns, he’s on the same page and agrees with me, but that’s as far as it goes.  Nothing else will be said.

The joys of being a Civil Servant.

Diplomacy is an art form.  I am a master.

You have to have so many faces to deal with the different people and their problems.  I have never seen so many moaning people in one place.  It’s like a full bingo hall where the same old biddy won the main prize twice in a row. 

Sadly, in this space in time, I can’t go elsewhere.  I’m stuck with this job for the foreseeable future.

It’ll either end by me strangling the management or creating a large alcove in the nearest wall to my desk.

Help! Stress at Work

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