I can’t feel my fingers…

Good morning.

For the last two weeks my office, and the entire south wing of the building, has had no heating.  Boiler’s knackered and I don’t think they can be bothered to fix it.

This leads to me slowing down at work.

It’s not my fault.  I do a lot of typing and work on the computer all day long, but there is only so much time I can leave my hands out in this atmosphere.  It’s like a fridge!

It doesn’t help that for the last week we have suffered snow blizzards, rain and freezing temperatures.  All this adds up and it feels like I’m working in Iceland.  Mum certainly wouldn’t come here.

It is currently 13 degrees in this office as I type (shhh, I shouldn’t be writing this at work!).  Now, I know that doesn’t sound too bad, but imagine it was the same temp outside and you were just sitting in one place.  In a shirt.

Nipples like chapel hat pegs.

If it goes on much longer I’m going to have to refuse to work.  Go home.  Or start a fire in the middle of the office.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

However, please don’t compare my tale of woe with all those brave people who work in actual arctic conditions or on building sites.  I’m an office monkey, I like to be warm.  Is that too much to ask?!

The temperature high of yesterday

The temperature high of yesterday


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