Devoted Family Man

Ok, so we all know that times are tough.

It’s time to tighten those belts, scrimp on the excess, stop wasting stuff, etc. etc.  It’s difficult though, isn’t it.

It’s not easy giving up those things you enjoy.  You work hard all week to earn money to treat yourself with a little bit of respect and splurge every now and again.  Enjoy the finer things in life that makes you happy.  You don’t do these things every day, just on occasion it’s a nice treat.

Fine.  Ok, I can do that.

Then you stop buying the unnecessary items.  You don’t buy a cd or dvd the day it comes out.  You wait a couple of months until it ends up in the sale section, then you can buy it.  Saved yourself a fiver.

Ok, you get the hint, everybody is skint.

I have just gone through my monthly expenditure in a vain hope of trimming it down.  Not a hope.  In fact I have just added a load as the daughter has started nursery.  Bugger.  Something has to go.

No, no, wait, don’t be too hasty!!  Not my Sky Sports!!  Noooooooooooo!!

A bit dramatic.  But it’s true, as of last night I have relinquished my Sky Sports.  That’s a saving of about £15 a month.  Not bad I thought.

But wait.  There’s an offer on.


I have Sky Movies!!

Yep, as a devoted father of two and dedicated husband, I have given up my sports package so that the family can sit about all day on their arses and watch films.  And to what end??

I’ve saved £5 a month.

Not a big amount, certainly not as much as if I got rid of Sky altogether (saving me £60 a month!), but it’s those little savings that add up.

No, I don’t believe me either, but hey, I tried.

Watching TV - Royle Family


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