Woohoo!! Top 100….

Well, you lovely people, I have made it to a full 100 followers!

I must be doing something minutely interesting, every now and again, for you people to follow me.  I am very appreciative and surprised in equal measure.

When I started this, many moons ago, I had hoped just for a few people to read the blog and the odd comment here and there.  Whilst its true I have not struck up many conversations with my readers (my fault, not on here long enough) I still value the knowledge that there are some people reading what I manage to write.

Thank you.  No really.  I don’t need awards or plaudits (although it would be nice) to keep writing my gibberish, I’m just so full of it.

You know what I mean.

If in the future when you read any of this rambling nonsense, you feel like leaving any feedback, I would be hugely greatful.  I never know if what I am doing is interesting, relevant, or even worth it, so any words of wisdom would be great.

You really are lovely people.  If only I could give you all a big……



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