To tidy or not to tidy….

Well here we are. It’s seven in the morning. It’s a Saturday.

What to do? Do I enjoy the weather and indulge in a bit of gardening? No, it’s raining. Do I spend the day playing with the children? God no.

That only leaves one alternative. Tidying.

I seem to be doing this every weekend, which you would think would be understandable with a family, but when I say tidy I mean sorting. You know, the spring clean.

We’ve been in this house for about seven years and still there isn’t a home for everything.

But today, my main task will be to get into the loft, and cram it full of boxes of stuff we don’t use.

‘Stuff you don’t use, why not just get rid of it?’ I hear you say. Well, that’s easy. The nearest recycling centre is ten miles away. I don’t drive and there’s no one to help us out, so the only option I have is to hide it!

I’ve never been up in the roof so do not know what I’ll find. Spiders probably.

Anyway that’s going to be my day? What are your plans, anything exciting?

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