Decisions, Decisions

Right, you remember me telling you that I live in Government Housing?  Yes?  Well remembered.

Well, I still do but have been posed a rather serious question.  I have been sounded out about the possibility of moving to another house.  Same place, just round the corner.

Yes, I can hear you now.  Huh?  What’s the point in that?

And to some extent, you’d be right in raising those questions.  The reason I haven’t dismissed it completely is, well, it’s new.  It’s newly refurbished.  Completely.

The houses here are not the greatest quality, you’ll be extremely lucky if you had a room that didn’t have mould in it, didn’t have a crack in it, didn’t have anything in need of repair.  Now, we’ve been in our house for nigh on seven years, with both children growing up in it, but it is these children that I am tempted.  Surely in an updated house these factors would have been rectified, giving you a couple of years at least before you have to get the demoulder and bleach out.  Health and safety.

But, it is is two minutes from where we are.  It is a tough decision and I don’t like making decisions!

If you had the same decision what would you do?  Would you stay where you have been for many years or would you move round the corner to a new house?

What to do?



Hey people, just a quick thing, I’ve changed the header of this blog.  Do you like it??

That’s my two.  Just so you know when I’m going on about them all the time!

Thanks muchly, back soon.

Well, where’d that go…

It’s Monday already?!  Where did that weekend go?

I know the weather wasn’t all that great down here, but still, I thought weekends were supposed to be two days?  Not four hours……

Well.  Despite that, I hope everybody had a nice ‘break’.  Mine was a little busy…

The saturday included a whirlwind trip into town to gather information and raid the bank (minus the stockings).  It was whirlwind because I had to get back to the house for the daughter to go to a party.  As you may recall (well done for remembering!) I do not drive, so any excursion away from the house is both costly and time consuming.  So to get out and back in a few hours was going to be a mission.

Alas, I was in stealth mode and managed to get back in time.  The darling daughter put on her party dress and sparkly tights and off they went.  I stayed at home.  Knackered.

Sunday was intense.  The family went out for the day to the in-laws while I stayed at home to work.  And work I did.

I was sat at the laptop for approx. 9 hours working away on my little side project.

Ha!  Little side project.  I am trying to build a website.  Which I’ve never done before.  Dear God did I underestimate the amount of work needed.  But never mind, I am professional and stick to my word and will get it done. 

However, if I disappear from here for a while, you know what I’m up to!  Probably asleep at home on the laptop.  Dribbling onto the space bar……

Working Hard

Right then, where were we….

Blimey.  I’ve been gone that long?

I do apologise.  It has been hectic this end.  Right, let’s update.

The boy is now over six months old but is the size of an average one year old.  I don’t mean we’ve been feeding him too much, he’s very much in proportion, but he’s a big bugger!

He’s just learned to roll over, both ways, and can sit up unaided without the fear of face-planting the carpet.

Oh yeah, he is also now eating proper food.  Which is good because I am getting sick to death of making these sodding bottles.  He isn’t onto the full blown three courses quite yet, but he is eating sandwiches, crisps, cheese and the odd bit of steak….. ha, joking.

He has found his voice and now joins in with the shouting matches that frequent our household.  It’s not going to be long before he’s shouting at his sister!

(seemless link) Yes, the sister.  She is doing very well at nursery three times a week, she loves the playing but has started coming home with the weirdest things.  I don’t know exactly what they do during the day, but some of the conversation starters she comes up with are, well, scary!

She has finally started to play on her own, which is good ‘coz she was doing my head in!  No, I don’t want to eat that manky plastic bit of pizza, or the squashed strawberry, I’m quite happy just sitting here, thanks.

Right that’s the kids, what’s next?

One of the cats has fleas, one of them has worms and the other has no friends.

The main part of my absence is my work.  I am super busy.  I also must be dedicated because I don’t know if I’ll still have a job in six to twelve months time, but we crack on.  I am professional after all, ahem, and will continue to work right up until they show me the door.  Then I may go on a rampage and break a desk or something.  Don’t know, haven’t thought that far ahead.

I also have a couple of other projects on the go which is taking up my time, so I apologise in advance if the frequency of these updates is a little sparce.  Don’t worry, I’m still thinking of you all!

Thanks people, speak to you soon.