200 and still going!

So, here we are, my 200th post! 

Ok, not really a big deal to anybody but me, but I never thought I’d last this long.  yes, I don’t post as regular as I should and it’s not always that interesting, but hey, I’m still here and so are you lovely lot, so I must be doing something right!

Anyway, for this post I thought I’d share the latest milestone.

My boy, the other day, called me Dada.

*sniff*  *wipes tear from eye*

Yep, proud daddy over here.  He’s, what, eight months old and has only just started trying to form words and sentences.  Well guess what world, dada was one of his first noises/grunts!

I completely disregard any other noises that may have come before and may have resembled other words.  No Mummy, this ones mine!

Well done boy, keep rocking out!!

The Boy!And as an extra offering, the wonderful people WilderSoul have generously pointed me to their free pictures, from their colouring book, for readers to download and enjoy.  There are some really nice pictures to choose from, please stop by when you’ve finished reading!

Thank you, to everybody that has read and even followed my random mutterings.  It’s been a jumbled journey thus far, but I’ve enjoyed doing it and I hope you enjoy at least some of my randomness!

Thank you people.  J.

200 Posts


OMG. The Pig is back!

I have voiced my concerns before on this subject.  You may recall.

I have aired my concerns over a certain animated pig and how evil and disruptive I think it is.  I still believe that the message being sent out by one Peppa Pig and her sidekick George, has dastardly intentions set on making other people’s lives a misery.

I still have stains on my carpet due to the incessant nagging of the pig family to jump in muddy puddles.  I have not forgotten.

However, I thought that I had managed to outlive the pig as now the daughter is three, she has moved on to other disruptive influences.  A child that believes she’s a doctor leading me to think that one day I’m going to return home to a living room full of stuffing and dismembered limbs.  Yes, you Doc McStuffins.

Or this boy Jake and his pirates.  Is it really a good message to give young children that a stick is a sword?  Really?  You’ve obviously never been beaten with one.

Don’t get me started on the monkey that lives in the apartment…. jeez…

Anyway, as I say, the pig is back onto my TV screen.  It turns out that the appeal of said pork by-product reaches young boys too.  Yep, my little boy is now watching the dreaded thing.  I only put it on because it gives me five minutes peace.  If it was only five minutes…..  Why do they insist on putting 27 episodes on in one go?  Maybe it’s their break too….

But you know what’s even worse?!  Can you guess?  No?  Well…

What makes it worse is that it is the same episodes as before!  Yes, the years worth of Peppa Pig episodes I had to endure the first time, are back but this time I know what’s coming!  I tell you, if I had hair I’d be ripping it out!!

I’ve got to get him interested in something else.  Too young for Postman Pat, don’t like Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine will not be on in my house…. Ever.

It's Back!  Peppa Pig

A Little Help, Dear Readers…..

Just a quickie…

I am nearing the big 200 post mark and wondered whether I should do anything in particular to mark this momentous occasion?

Do you have any ideas as to what I should do?  Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long, infrequent as I am, and have managed to attract such a following.  I know a lot of people just come for my dry wit……………………. ahem, moving on.

I have contemplated giving up this blog in recent times, if only for the times I don’t post anything for long periods.  I don’t know, maybe I’ll reassess after the 200…..

What should I write about?  Should I just find a funny picture? 

Aaaaahhh the decisions!!


I have moved on from the bike saga now……  It just doesn’t work anymore. *sniff*
(Please feel free to donate to my new bike fund if you so wish!)

I’m in a more sombre mood today.

I’m not sure whether I mentioned, pretty sure I have, but a couple of weeks ago I was given ‘El Boot’ from my current job.  Now, that doesn’t mean clear your desk and get out in this case, as I work for a Government Department.  It’s much more complicated.  And cruel.  I have to now sit here, at my desk, continuing to do the same job I’ve just been told I’m not allowed to do, until at least November.  Merry Christmas!

Then, as there is no replacement for me, I will simply vanish into the pool of other surplus staff.  They haven’t just picked me, thankfully, but we are part of a larger ‘re-structuring’.  It’s going on everywhere nowadays, I’m lucky to have a job really….

Now, I’m a pretty laid back person.  I haven’t really thought about the consequences or my next step, as I don’t really care…… harsh, but honest.  I’ve been in this post since ’05, maybe it is time for a change?  I don’t know.  I got until November to figure that out.

Oh, did I mention that my house is connected with my job?  No?!  Well, a Brucey Bonus.

But, it has brought about a mood of reflection, well, more nostalgia.  Reminiscing of simpler times.  I’m not a huge fan of facebook.  I’ve been a member since the beginning, but my enthusiasm in finding out what everybody is moaning about today has pretty much died out, but it is good for some things.  I get to talk to people I want to talk to.  That sounds a daft thing to say, but I know what I mean.

It’s good to be able to talk to family members, informally and without agenda, and also to link up again with those people you just moved in different circles to.  I’ve been friends with people on facebook because I knew them a long time ago, but never really spoken to them since.  Even on fb.  I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old……

Yesterday, I spoke to someone I haven’t seen in 15 years or so, when I lived in another part of the country.  Because my memory is so shockingly bad, I assume that things that far back never get remembered.  I was amazed that he could recall events I had completely forgotten.  I struggle remembering last week….

You don’t really appreciate how much of an impression you leave on people.  Whether it is good memories or bad ones, you affect people’s lives in ways you don’t always realise.

Do you ever get in those moods?  When you can’t be bothered with the present and enjoy looking back?  No?  Try losing your job, you don’t get the choice!

By the way, I apologise for such a bleak and serious post.  Normal service will be resumed shortly….

Whatcha Thinking?!

Close: Update

Right, it’s been a couple of days now and I have inspected the damage.

Surprisingly not much. The inner tube had indeed burst, big hole proves that, bit of scraping to the rim, all in all not too bad…..

But hang on…. That’s not right….

Yes, the hub on the back wheel was loose due to the bearings, but now the axle is no longer straight.

Its a bit…… Well, it ain’t straight. It means it needs replacing. Can’t afford that, so will continue to ride it like a circus clown car. Gonna be interesting…..

By the way, thank you to the readers that expressed concern of my safety. It’s very kind.


That was close…

Today, I want to impress on you the importance of looking after yourself.  Particularly if you are a cyclist.

I bring a tale of woe.  For months now the back wheel on my full active suspension mountain bike has been f…., er, broken.  For those in the know, the bearings in the back hub are so loose, you can shake the wheel side to side whilst stationary.  A slight wobble isn’t too much of a problem.

Mine wasn’t a slight wobble.

It makes for an interesting ride, as different surfaces means different reactions.  Well, I live near an airfield and quite often find myself pootling along in an effort to be healthy.  Now, it’s an old runway, with many a pothole and surface problem.  I was introduced to one of these potholes last night.

We are not on speaking terms.

I was bombing down the main runway, slowed up to turn the corner at the end and then it happened.  Yes, I was probably going to fast, maybe a little, but as I made my way round the corner the back wheel got a major wiggle on, bad enough…….

But half way through the corner, Mr Pothole made an appearance, caught the back wheel sent it flying, my rear still gripped to the seat, landed in a rather good looking power slide pose, and the back tyre burst.

Cue gasps of breath.

You know what the worst thing was about it all?  I had to walk home.  A long way.

Look after your bike folks.  I wish I did……

Danger Zone

Gone too quickly…

Another weekend passes us by all too quickly.

What exactly happens on the weekend?  Have they started adopting the Tesco Clubcard approach to time?  ‘Yes folks, every weekend, for every minute you enjoy, we’ll take three!  That’s right, the weekend could be over quicker than you think!’

Yeah, thanks.  Get Peter Capaldi on this, he’s the Time Lord…..

Anyway, I have just enjoyed a four day weekend.  No, that’s not the Morrisons approach, it’s just after Wednesday’s news, I needed a break. 

You see, in the world’s infinite wisdom, ‘they’ have decided that my job is no longer required, hence why I took a couple of days off.  Might as well celebrate losing your job with a break.  Got to get used to the future, I suppose…..

I know I know, there’s lots of people without jobs, I’m not complaining, just merely stating the fact that I no longer wish to receive personal mail anymore.  Anything with personal written on it can be sent back out of the letter box.  Uncle Albert had the right idea…

What, probably, was the wrong thing to do was to go and spend money on items that were wanted and not necessarily needed.  Who cares, enjoy the money before it runs out!

Oh and to top it off, my washing machine isn’t working properly and I’ve just got an electricity bill.  Thanks life, you bastard……


Like my new shoes?