Gone too quickly…

Another weekend passes us by all too quickly.

What exactly happens on the weekend?  Have they started adopting the Tesco Clubcard approach to time?  ‘Yes folks, every weekend, for every minute you enjoy, we’ll take three!  That’s right, the weekend could be over quicker than you think!’

Yeah, thanks.  Get Peter Capaldi on this, he’s the Time Lord…..

Anyway, I have just enjoyed a four day weekend.  No, that’s not the Morrisons approach, it’s just after Wednesday’s news, I needed a break. 

You see, in the world’s infinite wisdom, ‘they’ have decided that my job is no longer required, hence why I took a couple of days off.  Might as well celebrate losing your job with a break.  Got to get used to the future, I suppose…..

I know I know, there’s lots of people without jobs, I’m not complaining, just merely stating the fact that I no longer wish to receive personal mail anymore.  Anything with personal written on it can be sent back out of the letter box.  Uncle Albert had the right idea…

What, probably, was the wrong thing to do was to go and spend money on items that were wanted and not necessarily needed.  Who cares, enjoy the money before it runs out!

Oh and to top it off, my washing machine isn’t working properly and I’ve just got an electricity bill.  Thanks life, you bastard……


Like my new shoes?



2 thoughts on “Gone too quickly…

  1. Oh no. Sorry to hear your news. Hope you get things sorted soon. In the meantime, I’d definitely advocate retail therapy to keep your morale up. (Don’t tell my wife I said that …)

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