That was close…

Today, I want to impress on you the importance of looking after yourself.  Particularly if you are a cyclist.

I bring a tale of woe.  For months now the back wheel on my full active suspension mountain bike has been f…., er, broken.  For those in the know, the bearings in the back hub are so loose, you can shake the wheel side to side whilst stationary.  A slight wobble isn’t too much of a problem.

Mine wasn’t a slight wobble.

It makes for an interesting ride, as different surfaces means different reactions.  Well, I live near an airfield and quite often find myself pootling along in an effort to be healthy.  Now, it’s an old runway, with many a pothole and surface problem.  I was introduced to one of these potholes last night.

We are not on speaking terms.

I was bombing down the main runway, slowed up to turn the corner at the end and then it happened.  Yes, I was probably going to fast, maybe a little, but as I made my way round the corner the back wheel got a major wiggle on, bad enough…….

But half way through the corner, Mr Pothole made an appearance, caught the back wheel sent it flying, my rear still gripped to the seat, landed in a rather good looking power slide pose, and the back tyre burst.

Cue gasps of breath.

You know what the worst thing was about it all?  I had to walk home.  A long way.

Look after your bike folks.  I wish I did……

Danger Zone

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