Hello.  Bonjour.  Aloha.  etc.

This blog is mainly about one thing.  Me.

Well…. things have changed somewhat.  I started this blog many years ago when the arrival of my children was a huge life changer.  Suffice to say, things have evolved since then.  I haven’t been here for years!

I still have two kids of my own.  I’ve now split with the mother of my children and am now in a hugely rewarding and wonderful relationship with someone who has two kids of their own.  Yep, technically I should call this ‘That Makes Four’!

I’ve moved and can now drive.  I’ll update you more later…

No, I’m not being hugely egotistical, but merely saying that this blog is going to be a record for me to post my thoughts, interesting bits of info., etc about my adventure of being a young(ish) father.  I will use this space to share the exploits of my daughter SC and new son DJ.

Yes, it will focus on parenting and the journey accompanied with being a daddy, but I have expanded to include more of my interests, so that you, as the reader, can know a bit more about me.  You might not want to know, but I’ve done it anyway

I regret somewhat with SC, the fact that I did not note down and remember many of things that were happening at the time, as it all happened so quickly.

So this time, I’m going to make more of an effort.  However, I am still learning this new skill as I have never blogged before, so you will probably find this place not that exciting.

A bit about me.  I’m now thirty and live in a little village in Essex.  I have affectionately dubbed this place the ‘Village of the Damned’ but that’s just my opinion.  I can’t drive but I can swim.  I haven’t had a holiday for many years, because I’m skint.  There you go, essential information!

If anyone does read this, I will be extremely happy, and shocked in equal measure.  Join me friends, on this adventure….


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