Day 7 – Photo Challenge



The children with their daddy.


Shin Guards On…..

Right, lots been going on.

First off, the big news……  The boy is crawling!!

Yes, that’s right, from out of nowhere we now have a crawling destruction machine.  He’s been crusing along the furniture for a few weeks now, and loves to be on his feet, walking along with Mummy and Daddy.  He did not seem interested in crawling so we assumed that he wouldn’t bother.

My, we were wrong….

He learnt in the space of an hour.  He went from his normal sitting position, leant over for a toy and usual ended up on his tummy.  He did this a few times, until suddenly, he was up on his arms, then the bum come up!  He was on his knees.  A few tentative attempts…

Then he was off!!  And he has not stopped since.  He is deceptively quick and you can’t put anything down anymore, it’s gone.  Toys are no longer out of reach and the daughter now lives in fear.  She isn’t used to being chased around by anyone apart from Daddy, now there’s something going for her ankles!  Bless (he says whilst laughing!)

Anyway, I am a very proud Daddy and am now scared.  Very. 

No, no, no, get away from my TV…………

Secondly, another excuse for my absence, do you remember me saying that my job has been taken away?  Yeah, still is going to be, but in the mean time they are expecting me to run that section of the department on my own again!  Now, the professional in me says fine, I’ve been doing it anyway, but….

The other part of me says……… well, I can’t type it here, but along the lines of why should I bother?  Why would I do it when they’ve taken my job away?

I don’t know, just think they’re taking the ….. wotsit.

An alright day.

Today has been hot. Well, it certainly has been for me.

I have spent the day in the local town with the wife and daughter, just looking about and having a mooch.

We had an antenatal appointment this morning, routine check up y’know, but that was done by lunchtime. Leaving the afternoon free.

We decided to grab a sandwich and take a little picnic into the local public gardens.

Now, I’m not usually the one that sits on the grass, it usually takes me a while to get back up, but when your basically dragged to the floor, you don’t have much choice.

It was all very pleasant and it was a good twenty minutes before Sophie asked to play. We give in.

Then a few shops to look around before we give in to the sun’s power.

We head to the I’ve cream van and start to make our way home.

Nothing groundbreaking, or particularly exciting, it was just a nice pleasant day spent with the family.

And that’s what makes nice weather all the better.