Hello, have we met??

Ok ok, look, no excuses……

I am still alive I promise, but things are just stupidly busy!

I will endeavour to update you all in the coming days, but just to outline what’s been happening; I have lost my position at work and need to find a new one, I’m in the middle of moving house, my three year old thinks she’s 15, my boy is soooo close to walking and I’m going ever more grey.  Well, with the hair that’s left….

That’s just a quickie and I will expand soon, but I apologise to all those people that stop by to see what rubbish I’m typing and have found nothing.  I am profusely sorry.

Normal drivel will return soon.

In the meantime, something interesting…..

Interesting Cat


That Was The Weekend That Was….

I really must do this more often…….

Well, what an eventful weekend.  Maybe not eventful as ………. tiring.

First off I have to thank Uncle Jason and Aunty Amy for taking the daughter to the beach yesterday and also for letting her sleep over on Saturday night.  I’m not going to say it was nice for a bit of peace, see I didn’t, but I know that she thoroughly enjoyed herself and loved every minute of it.  Thank you.

On the flip side to that, I have a little boy who is still out of sorts.  He is still off his food and milk and keeps crying, mainly when I’m trying to sleep.  It’s not his fault, bless him, just wish I knew what the problem was.

The daughter had a sore throat last week so we think he may have a case of that, add in the wonderful topic of teething, and I think we have the whole package.  It also doesn’t help that it’s so bleedin’ hot!

But saying that, I think he has turned the corner and is recovering.  Up until last night he was sleeping a lot better than a few days ago.  Oh well, we can but help he’s on the mend.

Other than the children, the weekend was kinda boring.  I spent some time sitting, cutting the grass and little gardening, and a load of housework, interspersed with many periods of ‘sit-down’.  Why did I ever think it would be a good idea to tidy up when it’s roasting??

Obviously, the TV was showing the tennis yesterday, due to the wife’s insistance.  It’s good that a Brit has finally won Wimbledon, but I’m just glad he did it in three sets and not five.  It ended earlier than I expected!  Well, I had Top Gear to watch……

The Beach

Well, where’d that go…

It’s Monday already?!  Where did that weekend go?

I know the weather wasn’t all that great down here, but still, I thought weekends were supposed to be two days?  Not four hours……

Well.  Despite that, I hope everybody had a nice ‘break’.  Mine was a little busy…

The saturday included a whirlwind trip into town to gather information and raid the bank (minus the stockings).  It was whirlwind because I had to get back to the house for the daughter to go to a party.  As you may recall (well done for remembering!) I do not drive, so any excursion away from the house is both costly and time consuming.  So to get out and back in a few hours was going to be a mission.

Alas, I was in stealth mode and managed to get back in time.  The darling daughter put on her party dress and sparkly tights and off they went.  I stayed at home.  Knackered.

Sunday was intense.  The family went out for the day to the in-laws while I stayed at home to work.  And work I did.

I was sat at the laptop for approx. 9 hours working away on my little side project.

Ha!  Little side project.  I am trying to build a website.  Which I’ve never done before.  Dear God did I underestimate the amount of work needed.  But never mind, I am professional and stick to my word and will get it done. 

However, if I disappear from here for a while, you know what I’m up to!  Probably asleep at home on the laptop.  Dribbling onto the space bar……

Working Hard

Wedding Fever. Gardening Sucks.

Look at that, I get to over a hundred followers and I go quiet.

{ tumbleweed }

Do you ever get that?  There’s so much rattling around in the old noggin’ but as soon as you sit in front of a computer – nothing.  Couldn’t think of anything to say.

Which is unusual really, since I have the ability to ramble on profusely.  Anyway.

This last weekend was a busy one.  We had a wedding to go to.  Ooooooooh.

I’m very much of a casual man myself, exceedingly happy in slobbing around in a pair of trackies and mangled old jumper, but every now and again the need to break out the old suit returns.

I do like wearing a suit.  I think I look quite good in a suit.  Others may not agree, but it’s about self confidence.  Large people can look good too!

Imagine an overweight Toadfish from neighbours in his best Men In Black get up.  That’s me.

However, wearing a suit on a particularly warm day is horrible.  Warm = understatement.

The day was nice, the wedding was sophisticated and the happy couple looked fantastic.  The ceremony was as good a wedding I have seen, luckily I only had to be in one photo (don’t like posing for photos, well, maybe under the right circumstances….) and the reception afterwards was good.  Food and music a perfect combination.

I am so happy for the couple.  I mean, I’ve been the brother-in-law now for six years and known them for about ten, so was well chuffed to finally see them get wed.  They are so suited to each other it’s sickening!  Well, good luck I say.  They already have a daughter but I reckon the next step is number two.  Why not….

Meanwhile, whilst I know all the attention should be on the bride and groom, my focus was on one of the flower girls, as it was my darling daughter.  She looked stunning.  So proud.

My Darling Flower Girl

Don’t she look pretty!  Quick, model agencies, sign her up before she eats all my chocolate!

Other than that, I’ve been gardening for the last four days, late into the night on a couple of occasions, and have tidied my shed.  It’s been a productive week really, until I get back into the office.  Then it all stops.

I don’t usually bother with the garden.  I’ve tried every year to make it better, but I get bored.  I can’t afford to spend loads on shrubs and water features, or even sort out the ant problem, but hey I try my best.

Then the rain comes and it all seems worth it.


Rapunzel: Why didn’t you stay in the tower?!

As a rule with most things Disney, I can tolerate the product for a certain amount of time, with most of the DVD’s nowadays laced with jokes and innuendo suited for the adult audience.  And whilst this film is quite funny, it doesn’t half lose its appeal after so many viewings.


Another classic story given the animation makeover.  The story of Rapunzel had escaped me in my own childhood but thanks to this film, I now understand the repeated references I missed over the years.  It is not the story that irks me.  It’s Disney.

Yes, marketing is a big issue in business and you have to make your items attractive to all ages at all times.  But not that much, surely?

It’s a drug.  No, really.  Addicted to watching, sore eyes, inane laughter, wanting to dress up?!  Come on, it’s worse than coffee or LSD!

And for a three year old you can triple the addiction factor.  I have been made to watch that film for what feels like every day for the past year.  As i said, it was funny in places, and that chameleon still makes me smile when I’m off guard, but enough is enough.  Disney has a duty to stop making films so………… needy.  Apparently my daughter has to watch it.

And this has side effects.  We recently had a party at home for the girl’s third birthday.  Can you guess the theme?

Rapunzel.  Those big Disney eyes plastered on posters, banners, table cloths, cups, etc.  Everywhere.

It’s true its not just Disney, but that was the thing on the TV when I popped home for my lunch.  Drives me mad.

If you’d stayed in your tower, they couldn’t have made a bloody film about you!!

Rapunzel: Tangled

That didn’t go to plan…

Christmas 2012.

What a waste.

It was supposed to be a time of great joy and merriment.  I mean, that’s Christmas as a whole anyway but this year was supposed to be extra special, obviously with it being DJ’s first Chrimbo.

It was also our first Christmas where we stayed at home, cooked our own meals and ate our own snacks.  And most importantly got to watch what we wanted on the telly.

So what happened, I hear you ask?! (either that or the voices are back)

The dreaded flu.

If it was just one of us with it, it wouldn’t be so bad, just adapt around that one person and carrying on.  That is a bit more difficult to do when it’s the whole household who has contracted varying degrees of the illness.

The ability to enjoy copious amounts of food and drink dissipates just as quickly as the diminishing want to watch anything Christmassy on the BBC.

Don’t get me wrong, obviously we tried our best to have a good time.  Fighting off the nausea whilst playing Peppa Pig’s Snakes and Ladders.  Trying not to pass out whilst playing with SJ’s My Little Pony.  I tried my best.

I apolgise now to the parents who think it’s wrong, but at this time the TV made a great babysitter.  I could just about flick through the channels to keep her entertained.

Luckily for us, well me mainly, I start to get my strength back just in time to attend work.  How lucky can you get!

Anyway, I hope you all had a nice Christmas…

I Won't Be Merry

Where’d that puddle come from?!

WARNING: DO NOT go into the bathroom with no shoes on!

This is the new sign that I now have to hang on my bathroom door.  And why?

Sophie has reached a new milestone, going to the toilet on her own.  Completely on her own.  As in up the stairs ON HER OWN, going to the toilet ON HER OWN, sorting herself out ON HER OWN, washing her hands ON HER OWN and then back down the stairs ON HER OWN.

Come on, admit it, it’s pretty impressive isn’t it!?  For a two year old to be able to do this, well, I’m so very proud.

It’s good enough that she can go up and down the stairs unaided.  It can be a pain though, she just disappears!  One minute watching the TV doing some drawing, next minute I hear her banging about upstairs, playing in her room!  She’s too quick…

Anyway, yes, toilet on her own, only one accident to date.

This parenting lark is a doddle…..

An alright day.

Today has been hot. Well, it certainly has been for me.

I have spent the day in the local town with the wife and daughter, just looking about and having a mooch.

We had an antenatal appointment this morning, routine check up y’know, but that was done by lunchtime. Leaving the afternoon free.

We decided to grab a sandwich and take a little picnic into the local public gardens.

Now, I’m not usually the one that sits on the grass, it usually takes me a while to get back up, but when your basically dragged to the floor, you don’t have much choice.

It was all very pleasant and it was a good twenty minutes before Sophie asked to play. We give in.

Then a few shops to look around before we give in to the sun’s power.

We head to the I’ve cream van and start to make our way home.

Nothing groundbreaking, or particularly exciting, it was just a nice pleasant day spent with the family.

And that’s what makes nice weather all the better.

Good girl!

This week has been a one of milestones. For Sophie.

Not only did daddy finish the bedroom enough for her to move in. Into her wonderful pink paradise…

But the biggest thing this week, to which we are extremely proud…

Wait for it…

Sophie has been successfully going to the toilet all on her own!

All week! Only one puddle so far.

How good is that? For a two year old I think that is pretty bloody impressive.

This also means, by way of coincidence, she has also learnt how to use the stairs properly. No more do we have to keep shutting the bleedin gate at the bottom of the stairs!

Now we just wait for that illustrious ‘first trip’…..