Decision time…

Right, today’s the day.

You may have noticed me mention that I don’t currently have a permanent job?  Well, as part of the whole process, I have to submit a form today, where I chose some vacancies from a list that I would like to put my name down for.

Obviously it’s not that simple, wish that it were.  No, I give my preferences, they record it, other information gets assessed and then interviews can commence.  Then wait.

I hate interviews.  I hate applying for jobs in general if I’m honest, but needs must.  There is just one little problem….

Of all the jobs on the list, of which there aren’t many, not one of them takes my fancy.  Not one.  Not blowing my own trumpet but it’s not a case of talent or ability, I could do any job of my grade, but I have to take into account my penchant for getting bored.  I don’t like mundane jobs, routine tasks, I like to have a variety of things to do.  This is why I have lasted in my current, sorry old, job for eight years or so, variety.

I get bored so easily!

Anyway, today is deadline day and I can’t decide what to do.  Do I sit and read about all the details of each position or do I just get my darts out?!  Slightly more fun version than using a pin and a blindfold!

Keep your fingers cross for me!

Decision Time


Wits End

I need a new job.

Seriously, there’s got to be something better than this?!

Before you start having a go at me, ‘nobody likes their job, it’s just life’ (said in a typically sarcastic tone) I know all this.  I know that there are people with worse jobs than me, I mean, I don’t ever want to have a job that involves clearing drains or old people.  And certainly not one that combines the two.

I know I’m in a kind of privileged position too, I’m a Civil Servant.  There, I’ve admitted it in public, I can not hide anymore.  It used to be daubed as a ‘job for life’ but obviously nothing is guaranteed anymore, especially with the Government’s doing their best in times of austerity, but compare it to someone who has to work for an agency doing temp jobs all over the place or those people who used to work for Blockbuster, I’ve got it easy.

On that, I used to do some work for an agency in the area where I live, it was horrible.  They pay crap money and the jobs are awful.  I remember one time I turned up to their office, jeans and t-shirt as they specified casual, I got on the minibus with the other condemned individuals and we were taken to the destination. On this occasion being a milk packing factory.  I was given a what seemed to be easy job, of taking the bottles of the conveyor and putting into the cages for transport.  Oh. My. Bejesus.  It went so fast!  I would of been paddling in it by the end, if I had made the end.  Jeans and t-shirt remember?  June.  Factory.  Lots of work. Paper coveralls.  Pass out.

Mind you, it was easy money.  Just pass out for a couple of hours and you’ve earned money not doing anything!

Anyway back to the subject in hand, easy job blah blah.

I’ve been in my current post for nearly eight years and as you would expect a certain amount of fatigue has set in, it’s only normal.  But my enthusiasm for my job is ebbing away so fast now.  I’ve never been one of the many who clock watch all day and just fill up their days by doing their nails, phoning every single person they know on the job’s telephone bill or staring out of the window.

Until now. There, I did it again.  I just looked straight out of the window!

Obviously, this also includes writing on this blog, instead of doing work.

Now, I can be a creative soul, to some degree I have to be for my official job, but nowadays I can’t think of the ideas like I used.  No its not my age, I refuse to believe that my cognitive capacity is dwindling just because I’m now thirty years old. Refuse.

It’s just work actually come to think about it.  Look at how often I post onto this blog, not very regular is it?  That’s because when I sit down to write something, ……………………………….

It’s gone.  There’s nothing there, not a single iota or nugget of an idea for a topic of conversation.  I’ll tell you another thing….

Nope.  It’s gone.  What was I talking about?


English: A bored person

Bored at Work